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Determine Your Community

The Community
Determining where you want to work and play!

You know the areas of the country where you might want to live. Now it is time to get specific. Pick the type of town or city in which you would most like to live. Here are some of the things you should consider:

Size of community
You probably have a pretty good idea of the kind of environment where you feel most at home. Small towns appeal to some doctors, large cities to others. Still for others, suburban areas combine the best of both worlds. You should consider the kind of environment in which you will be most comfortable, productive and needed.

Proximity of friends and family
   • Do you have friends or family with whom you need to be near?
   • What level of contact do you want to maintain?
   • What about your spouse's family needs?
   • Is jumping on a plane for a visit during the holidays acceptable to you and your spouse?
   • Employment opportunities for your spouse to continue click "read more" below

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Interviewing Tips

For most practice opportunities interviewing is more of an art than a science. It is essential that you are well prepared prior to speaking with a representative from a physician group or hospital-based practice. One of the benefits of working with us - We will prepare you for each interview. There are two types of interviews:
►   Phone Interview - The goal of the phone interview is for the client to invite you in for an on-site interview. HSSI will provide additional information about the client/area and will arrange the time for the phone interview.

On-site Interview - This is your opportunity to meet the members of the group, hospital administrators and support staff. Visit/evaluate practice and hospital facilities.
The most important aspect for a successful phone and on-site interview is your enthusiasm about the practice opportunity.

Phone Interview and On-site Interview tips to continue, click "read more" below

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