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Medical Licensing Services

Benefits of our Service:
►Save time and frustration, we will call to track down the specific contacts to provide documentation for the Medical Board. More importantly, we will stay in touch with those contacts to make sure that they send their responses to the Medical Board in a timely manner.

►Reduce your paperwork burden. We can obtain and complete most of the application forms, as well as send out letters to request the supporting documentation for your applications.

► Avoid costly delays due to technical errors. As complex and particular as many of these applications are, it can be easy to misinterpret an eligibility or documentation requirement. Even a small technical error can seriously delay your license. We have had years of experience dealing with the Medical Boards, and know exactly how they want the application paperwork to be prepared.

Our Qualifications:
►Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of the Medical Board requirements. We have provided advice to hundreds of physicians and recruiters regarding Medical Board eligibility rules, as well as the time frames required for licensure in various states.

►We have trained and managed an eight-person licensing department for one of the country's largest locum tenens firms. We have been in the business of processing medical license applications for more than fifteen years.

Deborah Hinton - Licensure Specialist
Phone: 919-542-5079

► Once you have found your ideal opportunity, the next step is to obtain a medical license.

► Each state has their own process and timeline in obtaining a license, which can affect your start date. In some states you will be able to obtain a medical license in only a few months. In other states, it may take six or more months.

► When you apply for hospital privileges you must have a medical license. In addition, most payers require you to have hospital privileges before they will credential you. Because of this, it is very important not to delay in applying for a medical license.